Computers, Freedom, and Privacy in a Networked Society conference.

The CFP conference has been going on for quite some time now, and although the topics have always been important, it seems more people then ever before are interested in the topic.  If you are in the San Jose area, why not check it out?

One session of interest to me is going to include Brad Templeton, and the session is called "Robots and Civil Liberties". This is about actual robots, not the robots that index the internet.  This is indicative of how robots are becoming a larger part of our world.

Another session is about privacy choices on the internet, and Tim Sarapani, Director of Facebook public policy, will be speaking (tentative at the time of this entry.)  This should be a very interesting session, since there has been so much talk about the privacy settings on Facebook.

Other topics include Healthcare information, mobile phone data, internet privacy, and other hot topics, like the impact of biometrics.  Biometrics was a hot topic not too long ago, when Google goggles were being announced, and people were wondering if you would be able to do facial recognition in real time, using your mobile camera.

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